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Robotdalen erbjuder en serie i 4 delar om Automationskompassen - Verktyg för en lyckad Automationsresa:

– Del 1 Den viktiga uppstarten

- Del 2. Lösningsprocessen 

The Automation Compass

The automation compass is a service developed by Robotdalen, which functions as competence support and assistance in the automation journey for small and medium-sized companies active in the manufacturing industry. The service is especially suitable for companies that are inexperienced in automation. It consists of parts such as mentorship and competence development, and provides guidelines and suggestions on which parts of the company's production can be automated and how this should be done.


The automation compass has been developed within the framework of the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth's program Robotlyftet , which aims to increase the degree of automation in companies in the Swedish manufacturing industry. In Robotlyftet, companies can apply for automation checks for services such as Robotdalen's Automation Compass. You can read more about how to apply for the automation checks on the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth's website .


In the video below, Robotdalen's automation expert Ingemar Reyier tells how the Automation Compass works and what it contains (please activate "Full screen mode" at the bottom right of the movie box). You can also download the presentation as a pdf here.

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